Tuesday, February 1, 2011


There was quite a zombie craze going on in the unconscious... maybe it's still going on?


So, when living in a rental and I was weak enough to have friends (Or was I just stoned enough to stand people? whatever. Beside the point, AGAIN.) There would be people asking me for the WEP key to the network, I would read them off the key, and they would always ask
"Upper or lower case?"

which I would respond:

"It doesn't matter, it's just a number, the letters are just standing in because we don't have enough digits for base 16, A through F plus 0 through 9 is 16"

But today as I was dinking around with C, a language that is much more mindful to what's happening under the hood than Python, which is a language that is much more mindful to what's happening as to the formatting of the syntax. I came across %x and %X in printf(), which the only difference was whether the A through F were UPPER or lower case. Then I thought about the many times where I was asked for the hex key.

Then it dawned on me, it wasn't a JUST A NUMBER, A through f were SYMBOLS representing a number. Maybe there was some universal upper or lowercase symbolism to represent base 16? Or even !@#$%^ ...those symbols used instead as place holders, ca-razy~!

"It doesn't matter, it's just a number"
Another case of how anytime someone says something is JUST something, they're usually wrong, it's so much more!

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