Friday, February 25, 2011

Using your browser history for self-analysis

I noticed my history had 544 items for today. I've decided to do a "live experiment" and use my blog for notes as I scroll up through my history. I hope to trace my thought pattern from throughout my day by studying the log of interaction between brain and browser.

It starts at 9:06AM with a check on my GMail, I investigate an instructable in which I hoped someone finally put together a device in which an expert finger tapper could be hooked into MIDI, but it was only Light Sensor Midi Gloves. Then a Facebook Friend request catches my attention and he friends me because I linked to a Alejandro Jodorowsky video explaining Tarot.
I take a 6 minute break, then it's working on my Blog post from earlier today, tuning the translation of that very video that triggered the facebook friend.

[Gmail]--Friend Req.-->[Facebook]--remembers video translation work-->[Blogger and various translation sites]

I then connect to OkCupid and do a match search, and think I recognize someone that I actually met when I had an account a few years ago. I can't really even remember her real name, only Internet name. Trips me out a little, her profile seemed a bit of a harmonic of the Beat poets life. Then back to Facebook, OkCupid and Blogger... rotating between all three, then I start trying to find a Jodorowski book to try and read in spanish, so I'm at a library site and booksellers sites. "La Danza de la Relidad" was my first pick, but no libraries had it in the valley, I might travel in meatspace tomorrow to try and track down one of his Tarot books in Spanish. I took a 43 minute break at 11:50.
From there I clicked one of my many toolbar bookmarks, a forum post asking for a direction for a project idea where I could program my windows to dance to whatever MP3 I am listening to at the time. No responses. Then I read a few sentences about D-Bus messaging, go back on facebook, look through someones photo album, try to download a python module for compiz (the window manager I use) but it turns out on further reading it wont do what I want, but I already sent an email to the guy asking for help (oops! acted too quickly...) 12:53PM

added a friend I met in Flagstaff on FB...
Reading about programming must've got me excited to hack something out, seeing that I did a google search for "audio file manipulation python"... then wrote a little poem for facebook:
"Venus to Mars, Earth is trine,
Love is the best anodyne " - O. Winfrey

more research for Python audio hacking...
Then another ~30min break...
Someone comments in broken english on my blog, so I respond as best as I could, they seemed pretty militant about whatever they had to say. I check out some more FB links, AIN23, the site mentions cut ups, which is what the program is being written for, I watch a couple youtube videos. One has a house cat licking and messing around with a dead mammal thing. Then I get a hair up my butt to try and find a cool Trigun video to post on FB, but I can't find any, but am reminded of Vash the Stampede's ol' saying "Peace and Love!".

I then look up Isaiah on wikipedia, because that prophet has been popping his lil' head up at me out of the old scriptures lately. Pretty interesting, I sort of want to read his whole dealio sometime. Ch. 34 is gnarly y profundemente!
I then go through a list of words I wanted to define in my physical notebook I have sitting in front of me from when I read "Overcoming the fear of death" months ago.

4:20 - 6:09pm I am on a walk in the preserves

the end of the day consisted of stuff... I'm bored now. I'm done.

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