Saturday, February 19, 2011

A manual to live by

Each person is unique in some ways, however it has been discovered over and over again that there is a common thread between each person and their own personal religion. Take for example a modern Christian church, each person is there for a different reason, vibrating at a different level. I can only speculate from my observations (and I don't have many observations to go off of). A little girl could be there praying for a specific friend or family member, a teenage son could be contemplating their personal relationship between himself and the Lord, a biochemist finding Christ and the Lord in the scriptures as easily as he finds them in the genetic code. Each one with their own 'personal religion' brought together under the same roof, the same semantics(the meaning of a word, phrase, sentence, or text).

With my recent conversations, any disagreement boils down to a disagreement of the semantics. Books like "The Tao of Physics" (which I haven't read much of, but have got a taste) connect the semantics of eastern philosophy to modern physics.

So, in order to have a book speak to you 100% correctly it would have to be written THROUGH you, filtering down through your map of the world, your language and the associations that you make to each word. 'God' may be the best word, or maybe 'the Tao' would be more appropriate, 'Cosmic Energy', 'Siva's dance'.

Your CHILTON manual, for your specific make, model and year may exist, but it may be like be a 'colloidal read' through space-time, a living dynamic experience where you learn as you go. Bits of reality seem to "speak to you" but, remember, that's just my personal religion. Maybe a literal bible of some sort is perfect for others, I can't say.
(A colloid is a type of mixture in which one substance is dispersed evenly throughout another. Like 'signal' and 'noise')

My friend had a great example as to how we are all part of one thing but each of us has their own function in the 'grand scheme'. He said you wouldn't want your lung cell to start behaving like a brain cell, or your liver to be anything else than a liver. Each of us also has an inherent (esoteric) nature, just like a cell.

What about stem cells? I see stem cells as open minded individuals ready to take up the vibration of the surrounding cells, and basically become them, form the tissue. As humans I believe we all have a bit of 'stem cell' in us. We are susceptible to* our surrounding vibrations, to become a part of the system that is currently surrounding us. And if it doesn't jive we live in unrest, turmoil, and discomfort.
*(or can become susceptible to, if we are able to drop our current dogma.)

These negative situations seem to arise from self-deceit, 'trying to fit in', is a big one that I've seen, and experienced myself. Instead of letting yourself be taken in by peas that are of the same pod, or taking in other peas yourself, you find yourself struggling for affection and acceptance.
This is where gut feeling comes in quite handy, I DON'T believe you can rationalize what pod you're from, however, you can rationalize how being part of a different pod would be beneficial. I can see this resulting in an unhealthy, no-fun time for all parties involved.

It is tempting when another organ is giving you gold stars for behavior, and if you want to try and be assimilated, follow the gold stars and see if they lead you in a warm direction, experiment find out what works, no pressure. Your metaphysical family is waiting with open arms and wells of love!

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