Thursday, February 24, 2011

English Translation of Jodorowsky's Tarot Trump Explanations

I had always been drawn to the things that caught my attention, but did not understand. Tarot attracted me because it was very rare. I began to study the tarot card by card. I saw its structure: 22 major arcana, 56 minor arcana.
I saw the sticks, swords, wands, cups and gold. I identified them, etc.,but did not understand the Tarot. Then I began to shuffle the cards. I saw that they united each other and realized that the 78 cards could be arranged in a mandala, a single drawing. You see the Tarot in one fell swoop, and you realize that is a unit. And then you study it in parts. Once you analyze it, learn to see, because the Tarot has to be seen. No need to tell the future. The future is a scam. Tarot is a language that speaks to this. If you use it to see the future, you become a scammer. Simply, you're a charlatan. For me, the tarot was more serious. It was profound psychological research. Working with the Tarot, you see that there is a randomness, what is called syncronicity, everything is linked and there is no randomness and no odds. When you put your spirit into something, the phenomenon is produced. When you put yourself in something, when you go deep into a dimension that I call the dance of reality, the world dances around you and gives you what you're looking for.
One day a man came to see that world. He didn't know how old he was. He said: "I am a descendant of the family Camoin, which has printed the tarot for two centuries. I come to you to help me restore the tarot of Marseille." I had the wooden plates of the old tarot, I had collections of tarot. The materials arrived in my hands and we could restore the tarot. It was left exactly as it was in 1400. We could not go further because there was no more data. We restored the 11 colors, shapes, everything. Everything symbolizes something in the tarot. The tarot is a great encyclopedia of signs, a great visual language. All card games that you know decended from the Tarot, even common playing cards. It is a card game. There are not 78 cards in playing cards, they have 26 cards less. In the cabala 26 is the number of God. The English game of poker is Godless card game. In every place he went, he found a different tarot. There are as many as 1,500 different Tarot decks. I made a collection. But I knew I had a tarot that every other tarot came forth. "The only thing that counts is secret tarot, the tarot of Marseille," said Breton. "I do not understand it, but I respect it."

The Madman, the Fool: The total freedom without limits, without definition.
The magician is the beginning, choice, good choice.
The High Priestess: accumulation of experience.
The Empress: The original creator, without knowing where it goes.
The Emperor: material stability, total stability. Stable.
The Pope: A step beyond the stability, the beginning of spirituality.
The Lover: finally do what one likes, enter into a relationship with the world.
Chariot: Action in the world
Justice: given what you deserve.
The Hermit: go deep within oneself, in a crisis to raise the lamp, to find the inner light.
Wheel of Fortune: the end of a cycle, we need something to help us move to another dimension.
Force: Enter deep into the libido, animal forces, and realize them.
Twelve, the Hanged Man: go deep into your spiritual side, leaving a choice, one point separated from the world, stop the world and enter into yourself.
The Thirteenth: The arcanum with no name. It is not Death. The arcanum has no name, no name. It is the great, great, great revolution and transformation into something new.
The Fourteenth: healing. Heal, heal yourself.
The Fifteenth: the Devil. Go deep into your creativity with no fear of seeing. See all impulses arise.
The House of God, what was locked is now open. Out of bounds, out of mind. Out from emotional limits, out of all limits. Open.
Seventeen, Star. The Star is to find a place and once you find it, act in the world. Receive the cosmos and make Earth, purify water, purifying life.
The Eighteenth, Moon: the great archetype of receptivity, of the Mother Goddess. Poetry, madness, receptivity.
The Sun: the beginning of a new life, total love.
The Twenty, Judgment: The work finished, it has been discovered inside the animus and anima, your feminine side and your masculine side. Creation of a superior androgynous mind.
And the World, the complete realization. Your feminine side, your masculine side, your intellectual part, your sexual side, your emotional side and your earthly part. Let's the Fool go free, which is the total freedom ...
We went through all the arcana up to the World, to the total union.
Union, yoga, religion ... All that means union. A cellular organism is alive when it is connected with its environment. If a cellular organism is cut from its the environment, it dies. The human spirit is the same. If you do not join, if you do not you relate, you die. The Fool goes into the world to join with the world. When you join with the world, you lose your enemies.

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