Monday, June 6, 2011

Greater than 140

I wouldn't say anything is the same at all! Just drawing lines of association,E-Prime IS THE best ;)

What I was trying to get across in 140 characters or less is the feeling of confinement due to the ever-changing circumstances you're finding yourself in (born,living,breathing,earthling,USA,male,homeless,jobless).

For the trans-gendered, they've found themselves bound in a prison of meat, and it's not the right VERSION of meat to boot, so it makes sense to me their feeling of wanting to discorporeate from their circumstantial "not what ~I~ feel like" flesh-ship...

I really don't think those geniuses that killed themselves were insane, unless you count everything as insane. Suicide isn't a very common thing to commoners, it takes someone extraordinary to commit suicide. This is a modern example of a genius who did it.

When you feel out of place in your own body is when suicide becomes real. This applies to the philosophical and the trans-gendered (as well as many other people I'm sure!)

It'll try anything at least once.

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