Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Meth Problem

from an insightful facebook post:

Huh, weird. I guess I am just an extreme libertarian, and view addiction as a sickness instead of a problem to be solved by violence (but sure, go ahead shoot some "people", in your eyes they are but husks beyond help... and killing is fun for the whole family!). And it is true, I have used meth in the past, but I have done, and will do everything my feeble human mind can render, and perhaps whatever the greater mind can render above my own. So, sure, I can get groovy with your murderous, barbarous and also (in my eyes) sub-human ideologies, but perhaps this scourge of "meth on weakling wills" hasn't touched my life in the way it has yours.
Maybe I've been extremely lucky. Or maybe the pinks are sick minded (both meth-heads and murderers) that don't quite understand where the other is coming from. I appear before you as mere scum, where a human being used to be, however as this scum I recommend reading the introduction to "Naked Lunch" to get some insight into the Sickness and another clue as to how deep the conspiracy really goes to make you a dependant look-a-like clone of your nahbor. Homosexuals were jailed, hunted because of their lifestyle... during my month of use I had to hide it like I was a homosexual in those times, people would have over-reacted due to propaganda and mass-mob thinking, perhaps I would have been assaulted just because I had ingested a chemical. Maybe I am a demigod due to my control of "addictions"... but I really think there's more to that and the control THEY have over US. You are a SUBGENIUS right? Re-read the good book.

Legalize meth, the problems will go away. Do like the UK does with H, horse, junk, dope. Cut the need from the addicts at the bottom of the pyramid scheme, and the pyramid will fall. I really do re-suggest reading the introduction to Naked Lunch...

I was talking about the guy who wouldn't pay you for your work from weeks ago. And kick me off your list, :P whatever that means. Keep it cool kiddo.

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