Wednesday, June 15, 2011


With the dollar bill, every choice you make is a reflection of the choices made above you.
Why does god allow suffering? When is the last time you had a peice of meat? Used a service that
put someone in a position that caused them suffering in their lives? That is the same reason. Why did you perform these "spells" using masonic tokens? For pleasure, out of the sense of "NEED" to keep "your PRECIOUS(body)" yours, and functioning. "God" also finds pleasure in certain things, and has a body (think ecosystem, economic system etc) as well.

Imagine how domesticated pets view their owners. We may view our benevolent god in a similar fashion, others aren't lucky enough to be domesticated pets, they have been born into a industrial processing scheme, a scheme that is very similar to our slaughter houses here for our animal brothers here living along side us. Above so below... and so I mean, lateral thinking. God doesn't live ABOVE us (but in a way he does; if take the view that the chickens, and plants are BELOW us on some sort of foodchain that has a beginning and end...(a falsehood if you ask me)) it's all lateral, and as Michael V. Smith says "Thou art god!" -- I interpret to mean it as such. The ouroborous, snake feeding on it's own tail.
Chasing it's own tail. Beating it, talking to it.

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