Friday, June 10, 2011

Just gonna blah type

And by blah type, I mean type whatever I want and post it on my blog. I just read an article in Scientific American about quantum physics(again...) and I feel like saying "Yessssssss!" under my breath, it's getting closer and I feel weird still (I'm still human, so that's a given... illuminati slave-bots fnord fit in and feel normal) and not quite a realized singularian of entangled information leakage.
The author's bio line was awesome too. He has 3 kids and plays a guitar on a marshall amp with the volume turned up to 11.
Now I get up to talk about Spaghetti with my dad.
Finished eating spaghetti.
Chubby fat girls with beards, drinking malted milkshakes and flashing you their panties and giggling.
Demon mothers made of plastic energy, with faces that never change, scary big teeth but I love you anyway.
Dogs that give you boners, and kids that make you cry. Fly forever normal man, and electricity is AwEsOmE. Human crystalline structure, follows some basic rules... take no advantage because there is none to be had~
Sit and spew your radical ideas from Byzantine, and make new ideas from the Aztecs. Eat what is given to you, and hold your breath (always little breathing).
Laugh for the lulz and see the corruptions take place, all eyes now turn and clobber the one at the top, it's the same concept though, and it was taken and given without a notice in the papers. The rifles never stop long enough to cool down, words are worth only so much to a mind that has this much.
Ok, so it's really interesting how that kind of stuff isn't standard communication practice. The convolutions of concepts being forced through a filter of semantic maps, deforming the ideas that wished to be communicated in the first place, and perhaps even the originator forgets the original intent during the formulation of the 'proper construct' to approximate the communication of the idea to the other fellow.
But really the jazz isn't played from the tabulation the first time, it is forced there. dA DA DA DUM ..._
Smelly manbearpig-rapture openminded politically correct dreaded conformist hippie individualist anarchist NPR applejuice orchard loving nature swigging anti-corporate techno freak. Hyper conservative, loving family man, true freedom.
The true nature of things lies in our ability to correctly formulate the right cadence of proper symbols in a succession that unlocks the ability to create an empathetic universe. If we can avoid solipism (like a plague) then we may have a fighting chance against that terrible disease that takes so many lives and lives on our backs constantly.
Japanese cute alienheaded rangers from the sierra nevada brewing company.
A willow sways to and fro, and all my friends and family are with me constantly, my idea of them imprinted on my DNA. Progression is happening, its subtle, like progressive house music.
Unce unce unce unce oonze oonze oonze, yah k cool, so I think I like you alot.. A LOT.
A plastic womb for my children of the future.
It's weird to the earth man, and the fire man is too caught up in devouring himself, the air man knows best always, and the water man just feels he's been wronged.
I'm still a slow bee.

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