Friday, June 17, 2011

Modern Invocator

AS I AM A child of the universe as well

If there is child, then I AM THE FATHER

HA HA HA! FOOL. Your bold rancorous words are comical. You are lucky, for I could smooth the wrinkle known as your TOTAL existence from the dimension from whence I leaked due to your foolish... experiment? Is that what has brought me here?
There is no time from where I come from, I only Am. But now I Am here, with you. You being someone who wishes to be called "father" and wishes to call me "child", however, I am no fool human. I know of your people's word weaving, their sigils of centuries of aeons past, and the tricks of the letter-folk, and the taxonomists divising divisions. Don't think I am static as your methods change.

Yes, I know of these folk as well... but remember your leak here would not be if not for my experiment. Don't think of me as a master, a superior, but do not think of me as a servant; NAY! It is bidirectional non servium. I brought you here, and just as you say you could wipe my existence, I can wipe your interference pattern from mine as well, which I will do now just to make sure I am not a liar...

The metaphysicist leans over to his astable oscillators and flips the off switch. He has a circuit reading the current ELF of the Schumann resonance, and another circuit generating 5 harmonic frequencies, each higher than the last. The first oscillator a doubler the original measurement.
Each oscillator is fed into an pancake inductor with a chip of moldevite in the center of the flux, with the lines of magnetism "flowing" down through the center and up around the outer edge through the stones.

Did the apparation's information leakage stay? Or did it go? -- a ghost!

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