Saturday, March 26, 2011

Hide It! and play the SHAME GAME

You should be ashamed of yourself. (WHAT? NATURE vs GRACE? HA)
LIVE ANONYMOUS. I'm sure I can make it real. I can empty my pain on the rest of the world, they don't want to think they took part in the original birth of this all, but we'll remember soon enough, and the good thing is, we'll remember we are all in this together as the lion snaps our neck with mercy.

OVERSTIMULATE YOURSELF! -- miss the subtleties
Notice the subtleties and they drive me to madness, maybe it's the eyes I see with.


5% of the universe is visible? Well then the 95% is what we INFER from that five percent.

It's DARK energy because that's what I see for some reason. It has been menacing for me. So menacing I've been AFRAID TO TALK or WRITE about it. Not fear of DEATH but fear of IRREVERSIBILITY, fear of an eternal TRAP. The EYE watching over me, GOD, the one I can't help but STARE at constantly. "The Mean Reds" -- I love the main character from Breakfast at Tiffany's, I relate to her mental processing.

But it's been too long, I'm getting tired of this HELL ON EARTH, might as well jump straight into the CELL, lock the door and hang myself with my intestines only to find myself waking up on groundhog's day again.


Well, good, then they shouldn't be able to understand a fucking thing I write. Which is FINE WITH ME. 1st Degree, 2nd Degree, INNER CIRCLE, TEMPLE, TEMPLE holy PLACE... Garden of Eden, the jeweled dance of eternity, the SELF IONIZATION OF WATER.

SO. I shall thrust myself in deeper. Go to India? Sit with the Dali Lama reincarnating OVER and OVER and OVER again telling the same FUCKS the same thing? Stand at the gate of eternity staring at the Bodhisattvas egging me on "Yea trust us ya slimebag we're not trying to selllllll you anything heeeehheeehehheeeee, it's FREEE"

Hide your deviations. Let them infect your insides, let the bastards say "UR DOIN' IT WRONG" -- "Hey square block doesn't go in circle hole!" -- WHO INVENTED THAT GAME ANYWAY, THE RULES, MAO MAO MAO place a card, is it right? PLACE A CARD.

Well, this works. So does the OTHER SIDE OF EULER'S IDENTITY. We don't need no STINKIN' APPLE PIE FROM SCRATCH we just need our IMAGINATION hahahahaha another UNIVERSE? No, the apple pie IS, but describing that tasty pastry is the tricks and quibbles and fun tink-tonks.

Say something like: "Meditation is pointless" -- the ones that frown get kicked in the balls. The ones that laugh are eating shit from the not-quite.

You think I know what I'm talking about? NO. I don't know ANYTHING, I'm not trying to say THIS is THAT. = equals = equals? Fuck you professor, sigma infinity infinity, and work your magic.

Making things happen.

LUST is important.
DESIRE is important.
Carve that bone from the clay elokim babys! Wrap it in flesh and CHASE IT LIKE A WILD ANIMAL.
ABSTINENCE, HUNGER, PAIN, DEATH OOoooh, don't talk about those~~~~ look on the BRIGHT side of lifedeathlifedeathlifedeath, and send a check to the hungry fucks (your human counterparts...), they can really use your fake.

I'll do IT. And I'll wait for your hungry mouth to eat me alive. If I am not lucky enough to gain the good death, then the wretched worried death I shall endure. Prometheus never had it easy. Burn the books with his fire.

Faggots Arete
Blogging 4 Lyfe
Research things you don't understand, take yourself closer to the center of the MANDALA... forever, not prestige, not money, not bitches. They're EASY like shooting dumb doves with a BB gun. CHASE SLAUGHTER CHASE RUN RUN, FASTER, NO ESCAPE. hahaha, and guess what... it's like the best dream you've ever had, just don't wake up and find yourself working at a POST OFFICE.

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