Friday, March 25, 2011

Rant and Rave

I write like a bozo, because I am a bozo. I don't hold my own in the human world, I am a leech, or not really a leech, I'd prefer to be seen as a maggot eating something that's already dead... ~mere meat.
The things that I hold dear, the things that are important to me are the same as everyone else. Shit, food, cumming, body parts not hurting. I am not able to see myself as separate from the rest of the world, as do the people parts that follow the "Novus Ordo Seclorum" Seclorum... ages? More like seclusion, seperation, divide and conquer "strong" weak people, yes you're strong, you can stand up for yourself without help, you are alone, you need us, but not really, you're making your choices.
Peace found me for a split second last night.
For a single moment, the fear dropped and there I was with another human being. If I could of killed myself in that moment, I would have so I could let my life force dribble bubble into that little slice of the cosmic pie forever...
But no, it was fleeting, like a strobe light switching on for the first time, the AC voltage being directed though the diodes to the capacitors, them draining out slowly enough to "double" the voltage, finally twisting the spring in the main capacitor, getting it ready for another huge release of energy to arc the void, to jump it.
Nietzsche isn't a man, its a type of an electron with a property. The electron that's reaching so hard through the void, with the eyes of a tiger, the one burning "the new path" that was burned through the xenon thousands of cycles before. Splintering through the veil, the insulating nobility. Then the masses of scumbrain, buck-fuckers feel the safty of a road well traveled and it's the way to go, only to be brought to the height of the trinity of trinitys of etc etc to the very top of the pyramid of quantum energy states. Oh we're enlightend! we're here! for how long? Maybe a tick or so, a century or so, then it leaks away. Each person dropping to a lower energy state, but the flow from above is already charging that capacitor once again, getting it ready for another age of enlightenment, to cast a flash upon the rave of the alien bastards dancing to pedophilic techno, over and over again. Working for themselves always but always working for the rave, towards the grave, ground, falling. The wheel in the sky keeps on turning. The cigarette in the mouth keeps on burning.
The passion of the heart always yearning, she's on the screen now, knees to her face, and her panties over that plump cunt of soft, warm, flesh. Fleshy Gates to the other realm, connecting the dead with the living. My boney cheek rubs from anus to the Mound of Venus, my dog nose inhaling the vapours of the ancients. This one is part of the eternal tribe. I know. But I wake up again, she's on the screen. I have a hand full of half people, worthless meat things in a sea of protoplasm. I slurp this up to prevent the demons from getting to my half children.
Digesting them, the billions of half-lings swimming in the pool acid, mingling with the Sin-o-Men Toast Sugar Teat Dribble industry's anus breakfast. They make you work so they can shit in your stomach, NOT A BAD THING.
I suck the puss oozing from my teeth, and it fills my olfactories with signals telling the CIA, UPGRADE FACTORIES OL' FACTORIES ROTTING. So they start to try and find the one thing that will clear the shit away, to clean my dung stained rose glasses. FORGET! BE THANKFUL! I'll be thankful .sure. once the grass blades stop cutting, the factories stop leeching off SPACE ENERGY from the SUN. The MEXICANS and BLACKS aren't so lazy. Once ROBERTS #1 #2 #5 stop being ROBERTS and get with the BOB program. I'll be thankful when THANKSGIVING is called GENOCIDE. I'll be thankful when CUBICLES are called KENNELS. When FAT, SWEET, SALTY chip-chunk is called PEEPLE TREATS(Yum! They'll LOOOOOOOVE them!). When GOD is called &&&53nmnm_--xx(.
When I realize that I AM HELL.
When I get my dick in so deep, that it wont EVER COME OUT.
When I find MIND CONTROL and the CIA hiding in my ANUS.

But to look on the bright side of all these ~wonderful TRUTHS~, that are so much more conducive to a productive life in the society of INFINITE MIND (no the universe is 13.7 BILLION EARTH YEARS old! Duh!)
I don't feel sorry for me.
I don't feel sorry for you.
It is DOING, and you will DO when it is TIME.
I want to point out the big old shit WE'VE left on the VICTORIAN CARPET together and want to rub your NOSE in it and say "SEE. WE WORKED TOGETHER to make that, you couldn't have done it alone and well... I'VE BEEN EATING MY SHARE OF SHIT, now let's drop your little dress up game and get to the REAL FUCKING"
The DEVILS look like ANGELS to the hardworking, penance paying, lovers of say-do-not.
The DEVILS look like FRIENDS to the wobble bunk shit fucks able-cain oopsie-knife-sticks.
The DEVILS look like DEMONS to the PHATBOI alpha-dur dur gotta fiance with a PhD lawyer oh lawdy I gotta do and hold on hard or else, o worry worry brain-fucker laden po-pos.
And do the dumb mother fuckers who can't even know what, they're all of the above in some sorta geometrical shape that folds over itself like a future imaginer. (thats me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MEMEMEMEMMEMEMEM)
Twist the dick in 6 dimensions find out you have a string of people.

Finance your folly with poison ivy and cock-swabble.

Finish the race BACKWARDS.

Destroy all and blow it out your ass in a poof to find a million truths, some shine like dirty diamonds and are worth 4389723 times as much.

Have CONFIDENCE in your ABILITY to drink the GREY smoothie, digest the white LIFET and condense DARK TURDS OF UNSPEAKABLE EVIL that are flushed to the underworld to produce ORTHOSZZZZKKKKKT'gagghaA! THE ELBASPEAKUN ONE. $$$ is GOOD. DISEMBOWLED NUNS, good FUCKING. TEDDY ROOSEVELT BEARS good PORNOGRAPHY. BANANA APPLESAUCE good MEALS for the elderly and weak. This kind of SHIT is CONSISTENT, "Would you like to buy our product protection plan?"... "Can I please help you find your demise in technology?"... "Do you believe in Magic?" ... "Can I have your daughter in the laptop room? ... Oh she's only 16 years OLD? HOLY SHIT I AM A FUCK UP, I AM A TERRIBLE PERSON FOR BEING ATTRACTED TO HER SIR, PLEASE HAVE MY HEAD ON A PLATTER, CUT MY DICK OFF!"
"OH it's NORMAL? OH interesting, wow I read that 4 month old babies have been reported having orgasms! After what, sir?" -- "YOU SUCKED BABY WEE?!" -- "Sir, I'm going to have to take you to the bathroom and sodomize you, just to balance this equation."
Normalacy ~IS~ RIGHT... Normalacy ~is~ the OBJECTIVE RALLY-TEE.
FUCK "is" toss it to the road and have a semi-BMW run it over as it become another pavement person, word, brain, hair, blood, scraping off the skull of our lord and savior the ETERNAL dying one.
Play some CIA war game "Call of Duty"? Sure thing, you paid for it, it was your choice BITCH. Go study your CONTROL SYSTEMS. Eugenics, conditioning, RE-PROGRAM. RE-PROGRAM. Happiness is: Gambling, Ex-Sin, Adultery, Murder(aka WAR, CRUSADES), Purpose, Pride in your WORK, Coveting technology-boredom, substance use... etc you know how 666 and 777 work over a cup of coffee discussing your very life, laughing with their pinkies up and playing footsie. The end, enjoy your life FREE MAN.


  1. *body parts not hurting is taken from "THE BOOK OF THE SUBGENIUS"
    I'm not a subgenius. I am mentally ill, and fucking LOVING IT.

  2. or the psychlopedia of slack