Thursday, July 31, 2008

Hot Bike Ride

Today I took a long, hot (112º F) bike ride to Michael's to get some sticker letters to label my lsdj-mc2, which is on e-bay right now.

I painted my LSDJ cart grey yesterday, but after I took the casing off the SRAM was cleared, thank goodness I had a backup, but ever since it's been pretty finicky, working then it will glitch up. I'm afraid to compose on it because I dont know if it will save or not. I wrote a really tight melody last night but lost it :(

Got another gret DMG in the mail today, also bought a couple broken ones (black and green), maybe I can fix them.

I bought a weller soldering iron on ebay today, the price was $.99 + 15 bucks shipping lol, yeahhh rigght :-P... must be hand delivered or something, pony express, but they usually go for $35 retail online, so I can't complain.

I've also been practicing throat/overtone singing. I might post a video on youtube, I'll link it tomorrow if I decide.

Speaking of youtube, I was watching this:

I really like the last thing and the vibrating dead bird. I thought it was so great when she said "If they were alive... I know that can't happen but..." haha! Great stuff.

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