Wednesday, August 4, 2010


I read the word "ambivalent" from my enneagram type ("Fives feel ambivalent about the world...")

wiktionary: Ambivalent

From Latin:
ambi- (“in two ways”)
valeō (“be strong”)

A word for the the union of the opposites! I was actually very pleased when coming across this word and being "brave" enough (damn egos LOVE to pretend to know everything...) to look it up and gain a deeper insight into this word (and The Work).

The definition they have is as follows:
Simultaneously experiencing or expressing opposing or contradictory feelings, beliefs, or motivations.

It's funny, once you are able to define something, put a label on it, in a way you are able to kill it or place it aside, or manipulate it more easily than working with something without some sort of "symbol" to grasp with "lower mind" (3rd circuit of Leary consciousness perhaps?)

Ambiguous: Open to multiple interpretations; 2nd part from Latin agere (“to drive, move”))... to move in both directions, like an electron in a superposition of particle/wave, the state of non-observance in the most "pure" sense (unknowable sense), the image for this post I would call ambiguous because it is 2 things at once, it moves the mind in 2 ways at once... can you see just the old hag or just the pretty young lady looking away? Can you switch between seeing one then the other, then more quickly? Can you see both at once in one instant? Quantum reality!

Warpeace and Hatelove!

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