Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Overcoming the Fear of Death #2

Another paragraph of gold:

Suppose we computed the average number of paces a person takes during his lifetime, and suppose we were conscious of this fact, rather than the number of years the average person lives. Let us further suppose that the sum is to be one hundred million steps. Even though we would realize that is just an average, we would focus on that average figure and believe we were entitled to that number of paces during the course of our lifetime. This would make us very conscious, would it not? of how many paces we were taking, whether each one was strictly necessary, whether we could perhaps take longer ones, and finally, how many we had left. And when we reached out alloted number of paces, we would feel as though we were living on "borrowed paces" rather than "borrowed time." We would feel that every pace counted, and mothers would tell their children, "Don't waste your paces," rather than, "Don't waste your time."

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