Monday, August 30, 2010


When I got home from the store I didn't even take the time to put the ice cream up, I laid the box down on the counter, and like the beast, split the red hot manager's special tag with my raging index finger.
The box top was thrust open without thought, usually I see myself as a loving creature, a man with care and gentle passion, but something else was in control.
The smell of fried pastries, fruit, and sticky sugary glaze filled my nostrils and it was said that you could see a fire being ignited in my eyes, and I feel as though there really were little fires being ignited all throughout my body and mind, fires of the id, fires that rise up from the bottom and burn the divine with desire.
My salival glands began to quiver with excitement, the first emissions of salival fluid began to be released as I wrapped my fingers around a crispy fritter, oh yes, it's a cherry one. Delicious.
My arm, hand, mind, eyes, they were no longer working as individual body parts, but as a machine, working toward a single goal, the goal of unification between the fritter and my face.
My teeth break the sugar glaze, and continue through the dough and cherries, my nip-nips, they get "rock solid" as my mind expands to the edges of the universe.
The sensations are so strong that I lose myself in the process.
I come back to my individual state, my fallen state... fallen from that eternal heaven that fritter was the temporary key. Oh! This is my struggle, finding the keys to unlock that door to that place, one key will work for a while, then it's another. Damn those slippery keys!
As I sit here writing this now, I know there's a box of frits out on the kitchen counter and a bottle of milk just waiting to dribble down my bearded chin to my hollowed chest that will be and is filled with ecstasy and sorrow to the most extreme degrees.
What key will unlock the oceanic experience today? Will I be able to find it? That is for me to find out, and to drink deeply of the ichor that floweth from the teats and deaks of the godesses and gods. I am a tick who hath burrowed deep within the flesh, and there is a tick that hath burrowed within mine and as it drinks I drink.
Hell understood is heaven, eat fritters, unify in life and in death!
Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law!

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