Monday, August 16, 2010

Rancid Fragrance Fray

Right place, right time, right thought, right action. Shucks!
Pay back my debts to myself, because I wasn't happy so I need to work off the times that I wasn't happy in some boring 9-5 job or some ridiculous cheese grater torture machine from hell. Yes, that must be it. I thought it was funny because everyone was being serious about it. Sorry. I guess it's pretty serious, huh Chief? I don't know Boss, but one things for sure I'm getting pretty jittery up here, it seems like the light isn't really much of a thing. What do you mean by that, huh Chief? Well, Boss, I feel as though though the push-pull mechanism is a bit tilty-wonky and my posterior is being inspected to the fullest extent for the ultimate destiny.

"PERHAPS" whispered Chief into Boss' ear.

Chief's lips were almost upon Boss' ear, the humidity from the steamy hole in Chief's face created a veneer of lust-water on Boss' efficient sonic condensing apparatus.
Slowly, Chief moves his face model from the model of Boss. Boss' member becomes "quite hard" and Chief understands that it must be time for "it" (if you know what they meant). The tent pitched by the enraged member of Boss resembles something that a young cub scout of 9 or 10 years of age would pitch in the forest to shelter his "self" for the excursion to come face to face with the elements of nature, to understand for the first time since leaving the comfort of the nutritious, warm, "comfortable" (abracadabra), heart-beat rave known to the common man as the "WOMB BEFORE BIRTH"! Ah HA! Infinite wombs to be a parasite within, and the mother loves me? and the mother will eat for two of us? I HATE EATING! (I love it so.) and the mother will take a clothes hanger and shop vac--! Ohh nooooooo! I've gotta do some Buddhist meditations now, am It compelled to do so? What is funny isn't funny, and what isn't funny... well then.
Anyway the member, it's still hard and Chief is all about what is occurring in Australia (down under... in Boss' pants... of course AND anyone in their right mind would be honoured to witness such a sight[according to the constitution of {censored}]) So, first, get ready now, Chief uses the index finger of the right hand to poke (or prod gently) the very TIP TIP of the TEE PEE... this action APPEARS (and remember children only appears) to throw Boss into a state of excitement so intense his head jerks "right back", as though he were starting up a roller-coaster track to the absolute nirvana of Shiva's ever-creating-ever-destroying phallus emanating the entire spectrum of ALL spectrums into the yonic potential that is himself (and Boss)(and maybe Chief too)!
The kegel mussel was delicious and vibrating to the beat of "Love don't dance here anymore" (by Tiga) the tongues of Chief were not one but all tongues for all eternity, every man, woman and child felt a shiver run from the tip-tip of the tonguey wounge to the heart, where, in turn became a ever-glowing star, a star that shone with a light so pure that they thought it was really real... like really real for reals this time, not like that thing that wasn't, and can't quite remember from before, 'cause that was total panky. The hanky is what's worth breathing right for. SO, now the thing has happened with everyone and everyone knows how great this thing going on is, and so the entire universe is like accepting the Coniunctionis that is already being felt through all dimensions (all dimensions are only, 2.light, 3.gravity,, 5.stuff, 6.things and one more SECRET ONE to make it match up with the teachings of the three initiates, of course they're telling the truth). So, then it's all super hard (you know what) and a little bit of the "pre-cummulingus" appears as a crowning star, the wee Coleman(R) camp light[patent pending] that mommy got little cub Tommy to hang in his tent (only $7.95 at Target(R)!)
"Mmmmm HMMMMM."
"Very true, that is VERY TRUE."
"Most, SUPERB, verily verily! Muy bueno!"
... (extrapolate the exchange yourself, if you paid me to write this I might keep on going, but now you've got to do some work yourself.-nak)
OK, so now they're all talking naughty like that, and the pants of our friend Boss contains the Pyramid of Khufu, and Chief is going MAD WITH DESIRE!!!11``!~!one1~one!
Let us continue...
The "Uncountable Tongues of Chief" come from all angles in the multi-hyper-verse and delicately lift the "Pull-tab" of the zipper mechanism in such a manner that the "Pull-tab" and Cheif's pearly white "Central incisors" come in contact. This contact creates a eruption of neurochemical release and synapse firing that APPEARED to begin at that point of contact, sending mechanical signals through the skeletal and fluid amalgamation to be seen by a God in the erotic quivering of the fine hairs, each with a unique personality, yet hold true to their inner light, upon the Organ of Coti. Cheif moves HEAD downwards in order to also move "Central incisors" and "Pull-tab" in congruent direction (for you know what purpose! and it's getting your nippys "real hard"). The zipper "teeth" (these don't grind up foods) are now separated, imagine a DNA double-helix "unzipping" in order to "get down", oh yes. yes.
Chief moves EYES up, however, leaves most of FACE down creating an effect that destroys all barriers that were pretending to limit Boss before. Boss lets out a gutteral sound, a moan? a groan?

"PERHAPS" whispered Chief into Boss' ear.

Chief's lips were almost upon Boss' ear, the humidity from the steamy hole in Chief's face created a veneer of lust-water on Boss' efficient soni...

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