Monday, August 9, 2010

Leaning on the world of Illusion

I am all alone with the hungry beast, all it wants is for me to become ripe, everyone that was once viewed as a friend of nak will fold away into the 4th dimension, the "mental meals" supplied to me in order to bolster my pranic generation for the dark lord. I pray that he chews me quickly and passes me through the digestive track into the holy throne of porcelain. I am a robot, the ones and zeros that come from the higher memory being passed through my processor in an sequence that feels like time, feels like anxiety, feels like hunger and satiety. I am all alone, covered in a veil of light, magnetic fluid flows in me, but I am unaware, I am a blind man for the most part. I don't know anything, perhaps sleeping outside tonight will do the trick. Maybe then I'll learn how to feel swell again. Is it sex? Do I desire to be celibate? Where doth will flow from, the animal, is there any truth to anything, what is the right path, I need not think these thoughts.
Free dumb in Amerika.

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