Friday, August 20, 2010

Everything I write is $h!%

Do I really need you?
I don't know who you are.
Do I really want you?
I don't even know what I desire.
I hear them say "You'll know"
The pain of separation to rejoice in union.
It's been lifetime after lifetime.
When I lose my life, will you let me be yours?
The final breath, grasping for the next rung - hologram.
I don't remember to say no, our pleasure together, our beauty apart.

אור, in extension, and it is a prison to rejoice within
Sol, but all I see is Luna
Soul, but all I feel is flesh
Sole - and I'm one with the Earth.

Used to the pain, pleasure foods, ice cream, cigarettes.
My only solace in the symbols, it's how I kill you gently.
My parasitic tendency, imprinted at the tit.
I suck, from teat, to bottle, to cock.

See for yourself the whole world from the bottom of the valley, the mountain builders and shame wielders at their post upon the mighty Tower. An idea -- and it all falls down.

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