Sunday, July 20, 2008

And, today...


I went to the stores with my mum, got some things, I remember 2 bottles of wine, some sour dough bread, some ice, buns and other food items. Then I got home salvaged the slow AC motor from the microwave before throwing it in the trash. Then Charlie picked me up and took me to Jon's house, I watched some people play pandemic 2 I also played for a little bit. Then we saw 'The Dark Knight', it was a good movie, I really liked what the joker had to say, smart fellow. When he was in the hospital with 2face guy I was like "oh my, I can see forever". Pretty awesome. The joker was pretty violent sometimes, but I guess that can sorta grow on you, like drinking alcohol or smoking... its like EWW at first, but then it sorta draws you back in each time a little further until you are making pencils disappear.

After the movie I had some grilled cheese and tomato soup from Jon's mom, it was good. Then I went home for 3 minutes and then Fernando called me, so I went and helped him with his homework. Then I went home again and made some blog post and watched some internet videos, woooooooooooooooo

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