Saturday, July 26, 2008

First Show in a Venue

WOOHOO Aweseome! It looks like it's going to be on August 19th at The Trunk Space. Yatagarasu, The Coitus and Melted Cassettes are going to be playing as well it looks like (got the invite from Yatagarasu, all the way from TEXAS).

I also went to radioshack and got some stuff (I mentioned the kind of stuff in my last post), a 12 dollar rape! I guess it will come out to about the same price with shipping if I ordered online.

I also started work on the diagram on the left there. I got a piezo element out of a cheap toy my friend bought me from KB Toys (where he works) but instead of making sounds it will be acting as a MICROPHONE, for the little legs/bodies of the MEAL WORMS... oh god yesssss...In my first song ever made in fruity loops 3.something "Roach Call" (CLICK IT FOR A LISTEN) I sampled some science guy's website where he was listening to meal worms with a piezo element, its the squishy sorta noise, very organic and sexy. My mom was like omg, no meal worms in the house, you can't have meal worm pets.

I've got to start making money again somehow. I want a spot welder, freaking homemade welder fail'd. I want to make some custom jaw harps, and do some experiments with piezo transducers and jawharps as well as make small ones to gift at burning man.

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