Monday, July 7, 2008

Got capslocker working today + more

I set the fuses in avrdude finally thanks to keen101 from lady ada's tea party. What a help! Anyway the usb capslocker is finished and working! Wooo, also on ebay. Also I made a video of the echo killer my grandpa gave me, I guess he got it from hong kong or Malaysia or something. Also ordered a screwdriver to open up Nintendo stuff (small triwing) and the parts to make a MIDI -> Gameboy from mouser. That's going to be awesome, I also emailed the admin from 8 bit collective because he was supposed to making these in mass, and I was wondering about whether I could just order a PCB from him, if not then fuck it, I'll make my own. IM HARD EX CORE EX EX!! I also downloaded Henry Homesweet's album "Pocket Monster" it's pretty sick, I really like the song pocket monster, just has that darkish/happy mad scientist mechanical dance feel, which is hard to do in music imho. You can download the album here: THIRD ON THE LIST. and he actually talked to me on myspace after I added him - *swooon*

I made that pink black white thing up there in context free, inspired by the invader fractal set, except its not mirrored, I can't think of a way to mirror in context free.


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