Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Blah Blah

I uploaded a new song today, been sitting on it for a while... not too happy with it, probably work on it some more. Check it out here!

So I ordered parts for a 10 led chaser with 100 feet of wire and some parts to do the pro-sound mod on my gameboys.

I also decided to pickup one of those Saw III recorders, I'll probably start working on my super bend sound box soon, it will have the echo killer in it along with this Buddhist song player and the saw III recorder + some more random circuitry. It will be amazing :)

Days just sort of melt by without me doing much besides sitting around listening to music and making weird noises on my equipment... I think tomorrow should be a no computer day, or low computer usage, limit time.

I'm going to sign out for now, adios.

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