Sunday, July 20, 2008

LSDJ-Midi Converter

Did you know that I automatically spell converter converTOR, just sounds cooler, but it's wrong. Well, these are some catch up posts, after the microwave transformer welder died, I went inside and started soldering up a LSDJ to MIDI converter. I ordered half the parts from mouser, then realized I ordered the wrong 7414 IC and so I ordered the right IC and the resistors and MIDI female from digikey.

I got it all together in an afternoon, but I couldn't figure out why it wasn't working, so I tried again the next day, all day until 8 at night, my link cable between the gameboy and the circuit was farts (or I had the female connector soldered up wrong, which I doubt)! I took half a link cable from a DMG-07 and soldered the corresponding pins directly to the points on the circuit and it worked! yay!

I got both sync and keyboard mode working, I should make a video, but for now have this crappy picture!You can see the link cable plugged into the LSDJ-MC2 and gameboy, this picture was during troubleshooting.

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