Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Context Free

So it's 8PM, I didn't sleep in my bed last night because it was hot, right now it's 91.4º F inside (not that I'm complaining...) and 97.9º F outside. I shipped off some packages for eBay. I must've just goofed away a bunch of time on the internet because I don't really recall doing anything much until I decided to open up "Context Free", I downloaded the program yesterday, but it looked too complex to learn at 12:00AM.

It takes very little time to pick up on if you are familiar with C syntax (you don't have to know C, I sure don't) it probably won't take much longer if you aren't familiar. Anyway, first thing I made was 2 circles a square and another circle in the configuration of mammalian male anatomy, how mature. Then I began to work on colors and making a tear drop shape, I learned how to do recursion, if you decide to download context free, I recommend going to the "Examples" menu and doing lesson one, I can't speak for lesson 2 yet!

Anyway, I made that image up there with this 'code' (I call it lollipop, remove the comment on square to make actual lollipops!) :

startshape FINAL

background { b -1}

CIRCLE { x 0 y 0 size 1 sat 1 }
//SQUARE { y -1 s .95 .05 z 1 r 90 b 1. }
rule OG {
OG { y .6 x .9 r 20 size .95 b .07 h 15 }

rule OTHER {
OG { }
OTHER { x .8 y .7 size -.95 r 17 }

ANOTHER { x 2 y 15 size -.75 r 17 b .01}

rule FINAL {
ANOTHER { r 90 }
ANOTHER {r 180 x -5 y 10} //take this out for just a horizontal shape

The language is really simple and logical, I can see this being loads of fun! I really need to eat something though, also when I go to sleep I have thoughts of picking up my calculus book and doing all the work in it. I really don't want to go back to school though, I'd rather just be an autodidact, but I need to make sure I'm not being a poopy head and just playing with context free or playing TF2 all day.

I also remembered that I made a song in the morning, when I turned on the computer to get the addresses for the ebayers, you can listen here. I used my microkorg and a little FM radio to phaser the audio coming from a spanish radio station. I also used a program called MEAP to chop up the beat and synth sounds at the end there.

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