Thursday, July 3, 2008

Game of Go

Game of Go
Game of Go,
originally uploaded by uberscientist.
The game of go draws many parallels with life, it rewards walking the fine line, a balance in everything. Many many pro games are won by just a point or 2, even half a point for making the 2nd move.

Yep, I created another picture with context free!

I also took a break from checking forums, posting, youtube and playing with context free to make a song in LSDJ. This is my first "full" LSDJ song, yay! I also watched the tail end of an anime called black cat or something, it had to do with nanobots and mutants and sweepers or something.

I also made a huge version of the go game and made a "song" and put it to the animation exported from context free:

I've been trying to think of a way to make a SOIC to 8-pin DIP adapter (ZIF type) But the leads are so close to eachother, I cant think of much , maybe some melty plastic that hardens with some really fine wires? I might be able to think of something... if they idea gods are appeased.

Also if you want the grammar file for the go, I've now uploaded to the CFA gallery, so check out my stuff here: nak's CFA gallery!

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